Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rapids Week - Event #6 Recap - First Kick Pub Crawl

What better way to take back the streets after a city-wide paralyzing blizzard than to hit the pubs of Lodo with a full force of Rapids supporters!

The Rapids' First Kick Pub Crawl kicked off last night at 6pm at Fado Irish Pub, where you can see several of the crew posed and composed getting ready for all the action while the night was still young (somehow the photos got progressively worse after this).

Next up on the tour was the Ginn Mill, where we were treated to Bob the bartender's hospitality, then over to Scruffy Murphy's, who still sport an old-school Rapids jersey hanging from the ceiling, then to the Giggling Grizzly, where several of the crew snapped ilicit photos of the bar's trademark stuffed bear wearing a Rapids shirt, then to the Tavern Downtown, where several of the crew broke down and finally consumed some food, then to Delaney's, where bowling grudge matches were held, and then finally to the terminus, the Celtic Tavern, where somehow several crawlers we had lost along the way managed to catch up with the rest of the crew.

Each participant on the crawl got a commemorative Rapids Pub Crawl t-shirt, which everyone sported all night, discounted drinks at every pub, as well as free schwag from Budweiser, whose marketing director and Bud girls joined us at each location all night.

Thanks also to HDNet, who filmed the entire pub crawl in high definition. Look for the footage to air sometime in the next several weeks on HDNet in their show titled "Denver Diversions".....we are betting some of us will be regretting the high-def footage that was shot later in the evening when we actually see it.

Thanks again to all our crawlers as well as our participating pubs on the route. Lots of friends were made, lots of normal civilians were influenced by our presence bursting into each location, and everyone had an enjoyable jaunt through some of Lodo's top watering holes. We look forward to seeing you all at the match tonight.

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