Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pablo Cover Boy for Mile High Sports Magazine

Just hitting stands this week is the March issue of Mile High Sports Magazine, with our very own Pablo Mastroeni on the's the image, seen here for the first time.

Pablo also contributed his comments to the fitness-themed issue; here's an excerpt:

“You have to enjoy what you’re doing,” says the Rapids captain. “You might as well drive to a scenic park so you can take in all the other stuff that goes with working out.”

Interestingly, none of Mastroeni’s offseason workouts involve a soccer ball. He finds that getting away from soccer for a few months makes him extremely hungry to get back into it when practice starts up.

DIET/NUTRITION TIPS “I think my vice is caring too much about my diet,” jokes Mastroeni. “As you get older, you start to feel your mortality as far as your career is concerned, so you take care of yourself a little better.”

The very disciplined 32-year-old star doesn’t eat red meat, fast food or sweets, including soda. Every day, he has a bowl of oatmeal with seasonal berries and a handful of almonds. For lunch and dinner, he always has one type of green vegetable like spinach or broccoli. He also eats fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks throughout the day.

To read this entire article, click here, or pick up a copy of the magazine at several locations around town -- visit their website for distribution locations.

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