Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stadium Turf Rollback

After a few weeks of being covered by a tarp, the stadium pitch at Dick's Sporting Goods Park finally was exposed today again as the complex's award-winning Turf Crew rolled back the tarp to give the grass its final preparation toward getting ready for Opening Day.

Why was the field covered with a tarp in the first place?

Here's the explanation, from Bret Baird, the complex's Turf Manager:

"The tarp lets sunlight in but traps heat, acting like a mini-greenhouse, giving the grass ideal growing conditions," said Baird.

"Turf blankets like the one we use retain natural heat and moisture that speed up seed germination and promote deep root development for the grass. Especially in colder climates like we have here in Colorado at this time of year, what that means is that the grass will green up earlier in the spring."

The first time anyone will step foot on the stadium's pristine field in 2009 is next Wednesday, when the Mexican National Team take on Bolivia, and judging by how the field looks, they can expect a world-class playing surface, even this early in March.

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Anonymous said...

So do soccer fields ever use turf? or is that just an american football thing?