Monday, March 23, 2009

Rapids Week 2009 - Event #1 Recap

Thanks to all the fans who joined us at Sobo 151 for Saturday night's Rapids official away game viewing party! It was the very first event of Rapids Week 2009.

Pictured at right are some exuberant fans posing with some of the Rapids' players who were in attendance at Sobo. They are (L-R):
-Rapids draft pick Mike Holody
-Exuberant Rapids fan
-Slightly less enthusiastic Rapids fan
-Rapids defender Scott Palguta
-Smiley Rapids fan
-Rapids goalkeeper Steward Ceus

Although the game result didn't go the way everyone was hoping, fans still had a great time downing schnitzel, goulash, Czech specialty beers, and cheering and groaning at each play, alongside the Rapids' non-travelling players.

Congratulations also to Rapids fan Jamie Neal, who walked away with the grand prize from the door prize giveaway on Saturday, which included Opening Night tickets, signed Rapids team memorabilia and more!

Stay tuned for info. on the location for the next Rapids away-game viewing party, coming up on April 4.

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