Friday, March 27, 2009

Digging Out Just in Time for Opening Night

Well that was quite a scare yesterday. The "Spring Blizzard of 2009", as all the TV stations are labeling it, came and went in the span of 12 hours. Just enough time to freak people out for one day, but not cause any real problems for Saturday's Opening Night.

Here at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, the stadium's snow removal crews were already busy clearing the streets and sidewalks at the crack of dawn this morning, and all the complex's streets were navigable in time for Rapids and stadium staff to arrive to work this morning.

The sun has also already broken through here at the Park, and the melting process is underway.

The Rapids have moved their training session today from their official training pitch to the turf fields at the stadium, which can more easily be plowed.

Forecast for kickoff of tomorrow's Opening Night? 50 degrees and sunny....a world away from yesterday's whiteout conditions and overall bleakness.

That's Colorado for you.

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VeitClan said...

I will be there in my swimsuit and sandals!