Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A St. Paddy's Day Message From Ciaran O'Brien

Have a safe and enjoyable St. Patrick's Day from your friends at the Rapids!

Our resident Irishman, midfielder Ciaran O'Brien, sends this special message out to fans:

"Just wanted to wish all the Rapids fans out there a happy St. Patrick's Day full of great laughs, green outfits and of course your favorite Irish beverage. I personally will be heading downtown to enjoy the festivities with a few of the lads on the team later tonight. Hope everyone has a fun and safe day!"

Thanks also to all the fans who came down and visited the Rapids booth at the St. Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday morning....the Rapids Street Team had a prime position right in the Fado parking lot at the terminus of the parade, and the craic was good.

Have an enjoyable one, and the Rapids will give fans one more time to celebrate their Irish heritage this year, on the club's annual "Celtic Heritage Night" on August 1...no reason to wait until St. Paddy's 2010. Sláinte.


Bonji said...

Some of the players are going out drinking during the run up to the opening match? That is showing some real professionalism and discipline. Maybe Coach Smith should intervene and teach these guys what it means to be a professional athlete, Teddy Sheringham not withstanding.

Anonymous said...

No where in the whole blog thing does it say that they are going out to drink alcohol. For all we know they are just going out and having a good time, is that such a bad thing?