Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pablo Helps USMNT to WCQ Win

Rapids midfielder Pablo Mastroeni started and played the full 90 in tonight's US Men's National Team win over Trinidad & Tobago in their 3-0 win in Nashville, TN.

Pablo was a steadying influence in the back and had a solid performance for the US tonight. Pablo seems to be back in Bob Bradley's good graces as the US gaffer finalizes his squad for the final push toward South Africa 2010.

Youth sensation Jozy Altidore provided the goals, with a hat trick on the evening.

In other news regarding the match, here's a public service announcement for all soccer fans watching ESPN broadcasts: can someone please get John Harkes hooked on phonics?

You'd think a former captain of the US Men's National Team could learn how to pronounce another fellow USMNT captain's name correctly. It's not like Pablo's a rookie on the squad.

Harkes: it's Mastroeni. Sound it out. We are sure it's even printed phoenetically in your pre-broadcast prep materials' pronounciation guide ("MOSS-stroh-EN-EE"). The sound "My-STREE-On-EE" does not exist, so please get it right for future broadcasts. Fans of the Rapids and the USA want to hear Pablo's name said right. Thanks.

For the full recap of tonight's match, visit the US Soccer website.

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TJ said...

Oh yes, thanks for pointing this out. I correct him from my living room each time he says it. The commentating crew is quite awful for ESPN. Makes me really appreciate Max Bretos and Christopher Sullivan so much more.