Friday, April 3, 2009

Help Give Slacker & Steve an Education

If you missed it on Wednesday, afternoon jocks Slacker & Steve of KALC Alice 105.9fm were bagging on the Rapids and soccer.

Now that's not something we take laying down; we're not afraid to call out media personalities here on the Undercurrent.

They've already gotten an earful from us, and will get an invitation soon to come down and try their skills at a team practice. But we also thought we'd throw it out to fans if they wanted to send in their comments by posting their email here on this blog.

Email Slacker & Steve directly by clicking here and let them know your thoughts.

Excerpted quotes from their show, which starts with a recap of Slacker's trip to Brazil:

Steve: "If you took a survey of the planet, I don't think soccer would be the world's most popular sport."

Slacker: "All soccer games end in penalty kicks."

Slacker: "Why does anyone give a **** about this sport?"

Steve: "It's 90 minutes of running around and nobody scores."

Steve: "The Colorado Rapids play indoor soccer, it's a little quicker than outdoor." (WHAT?!?)

Write in and let them know why it's not only the world's most popular sport, but also Colorado's!

You can listen to the archive from Wednesday (titled "Everyone Likes It but I Dont' Get It") by clicking here.

Help give our local media jocks a lesson in the world's most popular sport. Help us call them out and help hold our local media personalities accountable.

Maybe an invitation to come sit down in the Supporters Section for a game?


Bonji said...

Well done Rapids. These guys need to learn that the World's game is played in their backyard. Hopefully they will give it a chance and will understand why people love the game. I've love to see some video of these guys getting schooled on the training pitch. Have them try to defend Casey on a corner. Casey would drill them into the ground. Have them try to keep the ball away from Pablo. He'll break their legs and send them away with a new respect for the sport.

Termite01 said...

Who cares what these douche bags think? If they said they liked soccer, would that validate the Rapids existence? Of course not.
Let it go. The Rapids organization should be focused on getting real soccer fans to the stadium, not ignorant blow hards like Slacker and Steve.