Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Slacker & Steve Get Schooled

Fans may recall that on last week's Alice 105.9fm afternoon show, hosts Slacker and Steve had a bit of fun at the expense of the Rapids and the sport of soccer.

The Rapids Undercurrent posted a recap of their show, and several Rapids fans took it upon themselves to email the jocks and give them an education about their woeful lack of knowledge about the world's most popular sport.

At the front office, plans were in the works as well. To give Slacker and Steve a true appreciation of the sport, the Rapids invited the duo to come out and take part in an official Rapids training session, and this morning the guys accepted and jumped into training with several of the Rapids players.

The first stop was heading to the Rapids locker room to get outfitted in official Rapids training gear, just like any other trialist with the team. Slacker was psyched to trade in his official Brazilian national team jersey for Rapids gear, including some stylish purple boots.

Then they headed out to the training pitch, where they took part in drills such as one-one-one (consisting of getting continually nutmegged by Nico Colaluca), shot stopping (trying to get out of the way of gleefully taken shots by the Rapids players, with various body parts coming under attack), and shooting on goalkeeper Steward Ceus (Slacker was able to finally sneak one in the back of the net after Ceus left the pitch).

Head Coach Gary Smith was left with the task of letting the guys know they wouldn't unfortunately have a future in the sport after evaluating their performance.

"It's hard to believe that not only do they not have any athletic ability, but not even any aerobic ability either," he commented.

All in all it was a good learning session for Slacker & Steve, who hopefully gained a new appreciation for the sport and the Rapids. As they said following the session, "We're sorry we ever said anything bad about soccer. You win! Rapids fans, please stop emailing us."

Slacker and Steve both fared well, and left with lovely parting gifts, including personalized home Rapids jerseys and tickets in the Rapids Supporters Section for the next home game on April 25 (note to supporters: why not extend an invitation to them to attend the pregame tailgate?).

Thanks again to Slacker & Steve for their good sportsmanship and willingness to risk life and limb by jumping into training. We're happy to report there were no (physical) injuries.

RapidsTV and AliceTV were both on site shooting video of the event; an edited recap is now up on the Alice website!