Friday, September 18, 2009

MLSNet: "Rapids Remain in Thick of Playoff Hunt"

Owen Perkins posted an article over at with the Rapids' players and coaches previewing tonight's match vs. San Jose.

Some excerpted quotes:

"We've put ourselves in a great position so we have a really good opportunity," midfielder Greg Dalby said, having made his second start of the season in Saturday's 3-2 loss to Toronto.

"The part of the season we've finished with is behind us, and as of right now we've got six games. I think we all really feel positive about it. We've set ourselves up with the opportunity to make a playoff push and get in there."

"The players have got something to prove," Smith said of San Jose. "They want to get back in. They want to earn themselves next year's contract. Or to be there next year will be their target I'm sure. So it won't be easy at all.

"If we can get a result there, we will have done an extremely good job, and we may well find ourselves a yard in front of where we might have been come home Wednesday. If we can get a result, it will go a long way to doing two jobs. They know it will be tough here Wednesday, and if we can get anything out of Friday, it will make life even more difficult for them Wednesday."

Read Perkins' article online by clicking here.

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