Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rapids 4thFest Adds Local Colorado Act

The Rapids have a tradition of holding blow-out celebrations in conjunction with the club's annual 4th of July game and extravaganza every year.

In addition to the club's traditional thrilling games on the pitch, and the state's biggest and best fireworks show every Independence Day, the Rapids Game Entertainment department has also tied in musical acts to the festivities every year.

Notable acts over the years the Rapids have worked with include everyone from Brethren Fast to Matthew Moon to Blues Traveler to last year's featured band, Opie Gone Bad.

The Rapids have finalized negotiations with this year's post-game performers, who will play in the stadium before the fireworks, and they will be a well-known name for native Coloradans.......especially those from the Boulder area.

The club will reunite for this one-time performance a legendary band who cut their teeth in the Boulder music scene: The Samples.

You heard it here first: the band will reunite at Dick's Sporting Goods Park on July 4 inside the stadium after the game for the first time since they broke up; their last performace was New Year's Eve 2007.

Look for an official announcement in the coming days!

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johncos said...

Sick! The Samples are one of my favorite bands. Way to go Rapids.