Monday, May 4, 2009

Inside the Game - May 2 Episode

Here's the May 2 extended-edit edition of "Inside the Game" from the Rapids Game Entertainment dept., played in the stadium at Saturday's match vs. Salt Lake.

New Field Reporter Lauren Cisneros from Donna Baldwin Talent, Inc. (view her bio page here) interviews Rapids striker Conor Casey and gets his views on the rivalry with RSL, his take on the Rocky Mountain Cup competition, and the differences between fans in the US and fans in Germany.

What you didn't know behind the scenes? Lauren and Conor quickly found out in a not-at-all-awkward moment that they both attended Denver's South High School at the same time right before going on camera together!

This year's Rapids Inside the Game video features are presented by the Donna Baldwin Modeling Agency, so be on the lookout for special guest field reporters all year long!


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Arbitro said...

I am a referee and instructor and there have been two incidents involving referee decisions in the last two games that are worthy of comment. Not only do I attend the games, but I also record them and I have viewed and reviewed these two incidents at home--BTW, I DO NOT understand why better and more frequent use is not made of the in-stadium replay is not used: to show more of the "build up" that leads to goals, but also to show fouls or non-calls. I think we as fans can handle the truth and that the referees can as well--especially when they are right (as turns out to be the case in these two specific instances).

What prompts me to write is that after viewing the tapes at home I was forced to admit that my in-stadium opinion was wrong and the referees were right. Incident #1: Omar Cummings is fouled near the top of the PA and a red card issued to the LA defender. The referee consults with the AR and the red card is rescinded--the re-start is a drop ball to the LA keeper. After reviewing the tape, there was clearly NO foul--the defender got the ball and there was NO contact with Cummings (who did a great job of trying to buy a call). The AR and the Ref did just the right thing in conferring with one another and getting the call right. My only question was whether this was the correct re-start--the tackle was so clean that in my view it appeared to be a deliberate pass back to the GK, who picked the ball up with his hands. Shouldn't the re-start have been an IDK?

The second incident was what I thought was an offside call against Conor Casey on a cross from Omar Cummings for what would have been a second goal for the Rapids in the 1st half of the RSL game. Clearly Omar passed the ball from right on the end line and there was no way that Casey could have been in front of the ball, so there could have been no offside. Or so I thought and I was outraged. Then I went home and watched the re-play and I realized that the call was not for offside, but for the ball (while in flight) going over the end line. The referee indicated as much (if you watched him closely), but he could have been a lot more demonstrative.

So, the referees got it right--and the use of the in-stadium replay could have helped to "educate" us as fans. So I hope there will be more use of the replay system in the future on close or crucial calls. PLEASE?