Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2009 Rapids Official Team Posters

The club has taken the official 2009 Rapids Team Photo. For the first time in recent memory, it wasn't snowing or otherwise freezing during the shoot, meaning:

1) there was no frost on the field, which resulted in the club not having to wait until the sun melted it to be able to put down benches on the grass.

2) there was no uncomfortable sticking of the back of players' legs to the metal benches.

Therefore, it was a pleasant team photo shoot this year, with the team in reasonably good humor for the duration; always a bonus for the director and photographer.

Fans will be able to get their hands on the official 2009 Team Poster, which features the photo on a thick-stock poster, making it great for getting autographs, starting at the Rapids home game next Saturday, May 23.

Members of the Rapids Academy will be selling the team posters at all gates of the stadium at all games this season, starting with next Saturday. The posters are free with a $5.00 donation to the Rapids Academy.

Bring $5 with you to get yours before they sell out! Get a great memento and help support the youth programs of the Rapids Academy; you know you won't be able to say no to their cute smiling faces anyway.

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