Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seattle is on the Clock

Well, we're here at the St. Louis Convention Center- America's Ballroom, site of today’s 2009 MLS SuperDraft to prepare for this year’s event. We still have well over an hour before all the "official" madness begins.

While the Rapids do not have a first round pick for the second time in the last three years, they do hold six selections this afternoon.

**NOTE OF THE DAY: Should Smith, Bravo and company pick four players in the fourth round, it would be an MLS Draft record (either SuperDraft, Supplemental or College) for the most players taken in a single round. Twice Colorado have taken three players in a single round, with the last time being the third round of the 2007 SuperDraft when the team got Cummings, LaBrocca and Hughes. Many clubs have had three picks including three straight, but no team has ever had four selections in the round.

We look forward to passing along more information as the afternoon unfolds, so keep checking back.



Doc said...

Can we expect any trades from your end?

Todd said...

I am expecting something unexpected from the Rapids today. Perhaps C. Gomez and a couple 4th rounders for a top 5 pick.