Friday, January 16, 2009

Playing for 'Keeps

Just taking a second to update everyone on the current Rapids 'keeper situation.

Yesterday the Rapids acquired the rights to Matt Pickens. We are happy to report that Matt has officially signed with MLS and is now officially added to the Rapids roster. He'll join us on Jan. 25, with the rest of the team on the first day of spring training.

Pickens is expected to battle Preston Burpo and the rest of the Rapids' young 'keeper cadre for the starting position between the pipes. Should make for an exciting preseason!

There's also been many misconceptions out there regarding the situation with Bouna's the real scoop!

Talks on a long-term contract extension with goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul and the Colorado Rapids have broken down, and the Rapids have withdrawn their most recent contract offer.

Over the past several months, the club has had a continuing dialogue with Bouna and his representative concerning Bouna’s contract and his future with the Rapids. Bouna was offered a very attractive offer from the Rapids and MLS that would have placed him among the top 5 paid goalkeepers in the league.

Bouna and his agent have rejected what the Rapids and MLS felt was a VERY generous offer, leaving him out of contract, and free to sign with any club outside of MLS. We certainly thank Bouna for all his contributions to our club and wish him all the best as he tries his luck overseas.

So what next? New catch-phrase is needed for the Rapids' newest keeper from Albany, Steward Ceus....his name's just begging for it. Fire away.

7 comments: said...

Unfortunately Rapids fans must bid farewell to one of the most enigmatic players on our squad.

His aggressive style of play took away your breath, and usually the ball as well.

Hopefully Pickens will be hungry from being on the sidelines with the Rangers, and can make an immediate impact. Additionally, let's hope he has a mentoring quality to develop our 2009 pick Steward Ceus.

You will be missed Bouna

Bill said...

Sorry to see Bouna go, I hope his agent knows what he's doing.

Meg said...

A huge loss to the Rapids and MLS. This is exactly why the MLS will continue to struggle to attract and keep top talent.

Kudos to Leo Percovich, the Rapids former goalie coach and a huge influence on Bouna. Another top talent the Rapids were unable to retain.

It's no longer "Bouna Time", what a shame.

James Woodley said...

This is some extremely sad news. Bouna is a fan favorite and the Rapids again failed to see the obvious.

Having changed a top goalie trainer for one that was severly lacking, and then benching Bouna when we needed him most in the home stretch of the season, it's no wonder he turned down a "VERY good offer".

I'm sure he'll be picked up outside of MLS, he has such untapped talent. I wish him all the best. The game, and excitement in the stadium won't be the same next season.

Someone tell the management to get their act together. Traded Beckerman in the worst trade ever, lost Bouna, and it's no secret Mastreoni wants out.

I might as well trade in my season tickets for Denver University Tickets.

Mark said...

We'll certainly miss you Bouna. I kinda figured he'd be heading to Europe sooner or later. He proved he was worth more than an MLS salary cap can afford. To those still complaining about the Beckerman trade, just wait to see what Mehdi offers the team in 2009. I see way more talent in him than KB.

william said...

Hey James: If Mastreoni wants out so bad , why did he sign a contract extension? What happened to all those Euro offers he was going to get?
Stone Burpo and Pickens make for a solid keeper core.

John Cieraszynski said...

Why did Clavio bench Bouna to begin with? Was he too aggressive?