Friday, January 30, 2009

Rapids Negotiating for International Match on March 11

The Colorado Rapids are in negotiations to host an international friendly on Wednesday, March 11, 2009.

Executives from Soccer United Marketing visited Dick's Sporting Goods Park yesterday, checking out the facility, and meeting with team and stadium executives to discuss possibilities for hosting this match between two men's national teams, which would take place a little over 2 weeks before the Rapids' Home Opener on March 28.

Most likely the Rapids would negotiate a specially priced combo ticket for this match and the Rapids' home opener.

Kickoff would most likely be 7 or 8pm on Wed. March 11.

Negotiations have reached their final stage, so if the deal gets signed, look for a possible announcement very soon on!



Bonji said...

This is the kind of news Denver soccer fans want to hear! Well done Rapids.

Jared said...

The same night as the "Border War"? It's going to take two quality teams to seperate me from my couch.

Rapids Marketing + Entertainment said...

Jared, you've got your months crossed. The Border War is Feb. 11.

Jared said...

Wait... what month is this??? Where am I.


PSW Editor said...

Sorry, couldn't find contact info for whoever runs this blog, but thought you guys would be interested in this story about the Rapids partnering with a USL-2 club in Maryland..

Bill said...

Brrr! Glad I have the gear! said...

In conversations with fellow American soccer lovers who seem think the only good footy is in England or Spain, I point out the quality of some of the pitches here in the US.

We have stadiums that rival many of those I see in Champions League or EPL play. Certainly not ManU or Madrid, but many of the European stadiums are smaller in size.

I think it is a great opportunity for people to see the quality of the Rapid's pitch and the quality of the American fans.

So bring it on!