Friday, April 2, 2010

Palguta Checks in (Before the Opener)

Hey Y'all,

Sorry for the "y'all" thing. I thought I'd try to be like Drew for a quick second. Anyways, I thought I would give ALL OF YOU a quick update ahead of tomorrow's home opener against Chicago.

Although the 2010 season is just over a week old, we've already learned a few important things about this year's team:

First off, we know we are capable of going into a difficult environment and pulling out a win. Even more impressive, however, was our ability to record a clean sheet with a few new faces in the lineup.

Without even a practice together under their belt, Drew and newcomer Marvell Wynne stymied the Chivas attack for 90 plus minutes, while Pablo and Jeff frustrated their midfield all night long. We also know that Jeff, Pabs, and Colin--who all underwent surgery in the offseason--are fully fit and ready to contribute on a weekly basis.
Less importantly, we've learned some other interesting tidbits over the last week or so:
  • Ciaran O'Brien is still good for 2-3 petty locker room fines per week (although, that's like saying "Omar is still fast").
  • Jamie Smith is learning to throw a pretty tight spiral with Drew's Tony Romo mini football. Jamie also might be the biggest Rockies fan in all of Denver. Explain that one to me!
  • Mike Holody, if given the opportunity, would wrestle a toothless, clawless bear (but only for money).
  • Ross LaBauex never stops talking.....ever.
  • Oscar no habla ngles. But even he wishes Ross would stop and take a breath every now and again.
  • I won't be winning the team NCAA basketball pool, but I'm still proud of Cornell's run to the Sweet 16. Who is the likely winner? It's still too soon to tell, but we knew Larentowitz would finish last over a week ago. Unlucky, Jeff.
While only one game, last week's result was an excellent way to start the season and we hope that small bit of momentum, coupled with a strong week of training and the support of our fans, will provide us with enough of a lift to beat the Fire tomorrow afternoon.

The boys are definitely well prepared, confident, and relaxed for the game tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there for what was surely a long offseason. Hopefully the Supporter's Terrace will be rocking tomorrow!

See you at the stadium!



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