Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1 - Photos from Practice

Enjoy some photos from Thursday's practice.
Above, Gary Smith brings the group in for a quick chat between drills. Marvell went back to Toronto following the season opener to gather his belongings. He arrived in Denver on Wednesday and today took part in his first training session with the team.

Kosuke and Drew work on one-on-ones drills... The training field is in great shape....
Can you tell who took this freekick that hit the left wall 'guy' square in the head? Colin takes on Danny in one-on-one drills...
At some point, we're going to test these two to find out who is faster: Omar or Marvell.
Omar, Mehdi, Drew...

Following practice, the guys had a lot of things to sign...the club uses these autographed pieces for various charity donations throughout the season.
The field crew painting the final lines on the stadium field.

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