Monday, August 23, 2010

Undercurrent & Update

Hey Rapids fans (and others that visit this blog) –

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve been moving away from providing updates on the Rapids Undercurrent blog to communicating with fans via the team’s social media sites, Facebook and Twitter, as well as through the club's official website,

These sites allow us to provide fans with news and nuggets on the team while allowing fans to provide feedback and opinions as they could have on the Undercurrent.

Many are aware of the challenges that MLS and the teams faced with the launch of the new internet network earlier this year – and to some extent are still facing. It was originally expected that teams would have a blog functionality on their sites (like DC has). While this still may happen at some point, the blog feature has taken a back seat to other elements that teams prioritized.

That said, the Rapids official site continues to make progress on other fronts.

Last week, the roster page and team stats pages were finally added, so visitors are no longer re-directed to to get this information. We still have a bit of work to do to update and make the player bios more current and uniform, which we're working on.

Other new features are the Facebook comment and ‘Like’ options and the Twitter button on every article that is published on the site, allowing fans to quickly comment on any story and share the story with others, similar to what some used the blog for.

A new module has also been added to the front page - the Recommendations box, which has replaced the Rapids Undercurrent blog space. Through this, fans can quickly see which stories others ‘recommend,’ which they do so when they like, share, or comment on a story.

Moving forward, we’ll continue keeping fans updated on the Rapids via the team’s Facebook and Twitter sites, as well as with original content on

We will consider bringing back the Undercurrent down the road if and when the blog functionality is available to be added to the main site, if it makes sense to do so (technology can sometimes make one to adjust how things are done).

Thanks again for your patience, for keeping up on the Rapids and sharing your opinions, and for your continued support of the team.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas that you’d like for us to consider for our digital platforms, please send via email to: RapidsDigital at



German Sferra
Director, Digital Media
Colorado Rapids