Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Moor's Musing: Jokes in London

March 10
8:21 PM
London, England

Hey Everybody...

I was sitting in my hotel room chair this afternoon looking at my computer, when my roommate, Wells Thompson, suddenly yelled from the bathroom, "Gosh Dangit!! It happened again!"

I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw him quickly come out from around the corner. I asked him what happened with a little bit of panic in my voice. Wells, very cool and collected, looked at me and said, "I got better looking...."

Well, ya'll might not think that's very funny, but when your body is in that transition phase into a time zone 7 hours ahead from what you're used to, many STUPID things can be funny. Like earlier today, Matt Pickens laughed at a Mike Holody TERRIBLE joke for 10 straight minutes, that I don't think even made sense...but that's what happens when your body is in the twilight zone.

Needless to say, the time adjustment has been tougher than most of us probably expected. Of course, we played the morning after we got here, which didn't make it any easier. However, there was a two hour time span yesterday when EVERYBODY was well awake as we were treated to one of the greatest experiences that the world's game has to offer. Our brother club Arsenal absolutely demolished Porto in the Champions League 5-0!

The Emirates Stadium's atmosphere was unbelievable, and the Gunner's were as good as it gets. I thought it was great because sometimes those big European matches can be very defensive and can lack action at times...This match was nothing like that. Not to mention, I missed the first three minutes of the match because my eyes were focused on the Porto supporter's section mixing it up big time with the Arsenal security teams. Last night was such a great experience.

We've also been treated to one of the best soccer training facilities that I have ever seen. Arsenal's training "centre" (think they spelled it wrong) is too cool. And the food there is pretty fantastic too.

Our game yesterday morning against the Arsenal reserves was a nice 1-0 victory on a Conor Casey goal. With tired legs, I felt it was a pretty good performance where we were very organized defensively, and created some good scoring chances in attack.

A couple training sessions tomorrow and a match against San Jose Friday should wrap things up nicely here in London - before we head back to Denver, where I know everyone here is ready to make that final preseason push before we start the regular season.

Hopefully our bodies will have adjusted before we end up heading back and have to get used to Denver time again...And even more importantly, hopefully my teammates will come up with better jokes...(Any suggested joke is welcomed....)

Later Ya'll,

Drew M.

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