Monday, March 29, 2010

Jabulani Hunt Update

The Rapids adidas Jabulani soccer ball scavenger hunt is underway. We hid a bunch of these soccer balls throughout the Denver area. Anyone that finds one can keep it. But, we've also placed labels in each ball with instructions on how to claim additional prizes.

The balls were hidden on Saturday morning and we started hearning from fans that found some by Saturday evening. A few more were claimed on Sunday. And today, Monday, quite a few more have been found and claimed.

Among those claimed were the Jabulani's that were hidden at: Dick's Sporting Goods in Southglenn; on the statue at Civic Park (see photo above); at the Westminster Rec Center; in a wagon at the Denver Zoo (Below); at the Westminster Sports Center; at the Jeffco Athletic Fields; at Long Lake Ranch Park; the British Bulldog; and at the Cherry Cricket.

We realize some people may have found some of these Jabulani's and not followed through with the instruction to claim additional prizes. So, we checked the hiding spots this morning and saw that many were still in their original places. We'll be going around over the next couple days to check the remaining locations so we can either give more clues or let you know if they've all been found.


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Anonymous said...

have all the balls been found?