Monday, February 15, 2010

Rapids Players & Their Valentine's Day Mishaps

Hi Rapids fans!

As part of my job as Rapids Inside the Game hostess, I had the chance to interview some Rapids players to find out some of their most memorable Valentine's Day experiences!

In my quest to dig up some of the good stories, I asked several of the Rapids players the following question: Can you describe in a couple of sentences which Valentine's Day experience sticks out most in your memory (for either good or bad)?

Rapids defender Mike Holody: "I think the last good Valentine's Day I can remember was when I was in the 5th grade, because it was the last time we exchanged cards and candy with everyone in our class. I mean, Valentine's Day cards with NFL players on them? Amazing."

Rapids goalkeeper Chris Sharpe: "I think the best Valentine's Day that I had was when I used to get cards and candy from a secret admirer!! That just doesn’t seem to happen anymore!"

Rapids defender Kosuke Kimura: "It's been a while, but I made a reservation one Valentine’s Day at a really nice restaurant. However, my date was an hour late so the restaurant cancelled our reservation! We couldn't get into another good restaurant at that point so we ended up eating fast food that year!"

Rapids defender Scott Palguta: "Regrettably, I never had a true Valentine until this year (although my wallet will argue it’s not all that 'regrettable'). But unfortunately, Murphy’s Law was in full effect this weekend. My girlfriend came down with food poisoning Friday night, so we were forced to cancel our dinner reservations. Then I couldn’t even cheer her up with the flowers I had ordered, because UPS never showed up with the delivery. Needless to say, I’m DONE with a certain 1-800 flower company. We’ll have to have a do-over next weekend."

Rapids forward Ross Schunk: "Few people know this, but Valentine's Day, February 14th, is the great state of Oregon's birthday. On Feb 14, 1859 my home state joined the United States. So growing up, even if I didn't have a Valentine, I still got the chance to celebrate on Valentine's Day every year."

As for me personally, my funniest Valentine’s Day story came from when I was a freshman in high school. I was trying out for my high school soccer team and my friend Hannah and I were going to go on a group date that night. I was a goalkeeper, so when the varsity coach came around to look at us I tried really hard to show off so I went out of the box to get the ball and a girl kneed me in the head. I went into the training room and I had a softball size goose egg on my head! So NO date for me that year!

Thanks, and I hope all Rapids fans had a Happy Valentine's Day!

-Lindsay Carroll
Rapids Inside the Game hostess

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