Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rapids Academy Setting the Standard has a good article posted on their site about how the Rapids Academy and other MLS clubs' youth systems are setting the standard in America for youth soccer development.

Some excerpted quotes from Brian Crookham, Director of the Rapids Academy:

“We are different [from other traditional youth soccer programs in the US] in that player development is paramount and winning will be a by-product of development, not the opposite.

"The bottom line is that the daily environment must be better if we want to produce better players, and I think there has been some movement in that direction.

“We had [local Colorado youth soccer] clubs that jumped up at the beginning wanting to be partners, and we had clubs that circled the wagons and protected what they feel are their territories.

“Oversight that is good for a traditional youth club doesn't fit with our goals or philosophies.”

Read this entire story online here.

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