Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moor's Musings: Hello From Phoenix!

What’s up everybody,

I'm glad to join Scott Palguta as a Rapids player blog contributor!

I am currently writing from that actual place that people refer to as “in the middle of nowhere.” Not that it’s a bad place by any means; I just don’t think Casa Grande is the place most people would expect when they think about soccer preseason.

Here, just as reference, check out where we are (and be sure to zoom out a bit…). Click here for the Google map of Casa Grande.

OK, so now that you have an idea of where we are, then you know that we are eating, sleeping, drinking, breathing, walking, and talking soccer 24/7. Which, really, at this point, is what we’re supposed to be doing, right?

So far through preseason, including this trip, the training has been quite demanding and a lot of focus has been put on the crucial small details of the game. Defensive positioning, midfield to forward link play, communication from the back, fitness, and so on.

I am very confident that the time we have been spending on the pitch (twice a day 4 or 5 times a week) has been very constructive, and perhaps as focused as I’ve been a part of in my 6 pro years.

The weather here at Casa Grande has been nothing to argue about either, with 70 degree sunny days and 40 degree chilly nights; it’s the kind of weather I want to spend “in the middle of nowhere” in.

Our two matches so far vs. Columbus and LA were very competitive and although the results weren’t what we were looking for, there was still plenty of good to take from both. Preseason is the time to look at different combinations, try different formations, get injured players healthy, and have a look at our young kids.

Speaking of the young kids, we have a solid group of rookies. All of them are very capable of playing good soccer, have great attitudes, and most importantly to me, we have one from Texas.

And, speaking of injured players, I believe just about everyone has been able to get involved in a couple of competitive drills (minus one or two guys), which is a good sign.

I know this post was no Scott Palguta, but I hope everyone enjoyed the map, and the quick update, and that the horse that’s about to deliver this telegram across the desert is able to get this to ya’ll soon….

Until next time!

-Drew Moor
Defender #3

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