Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rapids Post-Draft Update

Hi everyone,

what an exausting day. But lots of good news....the Rapids selected 4 new young players at today's SuperDraft...picks that head coach Gary Smith said "we are very delighted with."

Gary and Technical Director Paul Bravo recorded exclusive videos after the draft talking about the picks; watch them only on the club's Facebook page.

We also caught up with the only player that was in attendance at the draft; Andre Akpan. He seems like a really likeable guy with a great head on his shoulders; he should fit in great in the clubhouse. Check out our exclusive video with him on the Facebook page also and judge for yourself.

Lots of scrambling, deals, and hustling at the event, from PR directors to media members to the coaches and players.

Very fulfilling, and still lots of work to do.

By the way the fans in attendance were's amazing what 100 fans together all singing in unison in a room can do to affect the atmosphere of the event, especially when there's another group across the way doing the same thing back to them.

Hope everyone liked all the social media updates!

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Anonymous said...

With the obvious caveat that draft opinions are necessarily premature, nearly all pro observers at the combine were pretty down on Akpan. He was supposed to be a first-rounder whose stock plummeted in the past few days. Anybody know anything about this guy?

We also drafted a UVa midfielder with high potential a few yrs ago (Nico Colaluca anyone?).

It's about time for Rapids staff to show they have the capability to make good personnel decisions.

Anonymous said...

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