Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Office Pool Organizers: Printable MLS Playoffs Bracket

Now that the 2009 MLS Cup playoffs field is set, and there's nobody to root for, Rapids fans need not be left out of the playoff action.....just let cash be your winner.

Tired of seeing your co-workers, friends or neighbors spending hours on brackets for other less interesting sports but never soccer? Here's your chance: be the hero in your office by organizing your company's MLS Playoffs office pool.

Plus you can use your superior soccer knowledge to take advantage of your fellow employees and line your pockets at the same time.

The Rapids have created a printable MLS playoffs bracket; click here to download it.

First playoff game is Thursday night, so get moving.

Also, let it be known that the Colorado Rapids do not officially endorse gambling in any shape or form.

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