Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mayors Lay It on the Line for Saturday's Game

Commerce City Mayor Paul Natale and the Mayor of Sandy, Utah, Tom Dolan, have been exchanging barbs and have a city-to-city bet on the line regarding the outcome of this Saturday's Rapids at RSL match.

Each mayor is putting up some of their homegrown delicacies on the line to send across the Rocky Mountains should the other club win.

Commerce City Mayor Natale will be offering up a 1 pound tin of Rocky Mountain Toffee from world-famous Hammonds Candies, dipped in rich chocolate and hand-rolled in crunchy almonds, should the Rapids not come home with a victory.

In return, in the case RSL do not win on Saturday, Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan has offered up a prize Jell-o. Apparently this is some kind of delicacy in Utah? (From Wikipedia: "Green Jell-O was declared the 'Official State Snack' of Utah in 2001, with Governor Michael O. Leavitt declaring an annual 'Jell-O Week'. )

Mayor Natale's response:

"I've called Mayor Dolan's office in Sandy, Utah to let him know that while they may have beaten us last year for ownership of the Cup, don’t expect the same in 2009. Real's fans will have to get in line behind Colorado because we have the best team and the best of the Rocky Mountains. They can keep their green Jell-o!"

High tension indeed ahead of Saturday's all-important Rocky Mountain Cup clash.

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