Thursday, October 22, 2009

Arsenal's New US-Based Website

If you haven't already checked it out, Rapids partner club Arsenal have launched a new club website specificially designed for American fans.

The new Arsenal USA website is:

From their official press release:

"Arsenal Football Club is delighted to launch a new Club website for American fans, with all the breaking news supporters can find on plus domestic features and news written by’s editor based in the States, Kevin Mooney.

Having received nearly one million site visits from the USA to the UK site in August alone, the new website will provide a great introduction to the Gunners and UK football for stateside fans.

History and background to the north London club sits alongside news on all aspects of Arsenal including the Ladies, reserve teams and exclusive interviews with manager Arsène Wenger and first-team players. The Jargon Buster also allows any visitors to the site to get up to speed with all the terminology of the game. editor Richard Clarke said of the USA site: 'We feel the introduction of a US version of represents real progress. The USA has always been our most popular territory after the UK in terms of traffic, and we only want to expand in this area. It was vital for us to employ an editor based stateside so we could properly reach out to Arsenal fans in the US. We really believe this could be a huge development in the way people connect with our Club.'

USA fans can now also subscribe to Arsenal TV Online USA for just $5.99 a month or $49 a year, offering the same great combination of match highlights, exclusive interviews and live audio commentaries from every first team game."

Fans can subscribe to the Arsenal TV Online at the new website.


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