Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rapids Top Foxes 5-1 in Scrimmage

The Rapids defeated the Real Colorado Foxes PDL side 5-1 in a scrimmage today on the Rapids' official training pitch at DSG Park.

The whistle blew to kick off the game at 2:00pm and both teams endured a sweltering 90 minute battle in the 89-degree heat.

Several guest players saw action for the Rapids against Lorne Donaldson's Foxes....Rapids fans will remember Lorne from his time as a Rapids Assistant Coach.

Rapids striker Ross Schunk recorded a hat trick in the match.

0:00 Kickoff!
4:00 Rapids- corner kick, Foxes keeper Griffith makes the save.
7:00 Rapids- #27 Kimura takes a shot but it is over the frame of the goal.
7:00 Rapids- shot on goal by #13 Schunk but it is saved by the Foxes' 'keeper.
9:00 Rapids- shot on goal by #13 Schunk but again it is saved.
9:00 Rapids- corner kick heads near post but no goal is scored.
10:00 Rapids- #20 takes a shot but it is too high.
16:00 Rapids- shot on goal by #13 Schunk but the keeper makes an easy save.
21:00 Rapids- GOAL by #13 Schunk, assisted by #26 Holody.
22:00 Rapids- shot by #27 Kimura but it goes wide right
24:00 Foxes- shot on goal by #8 Craig Thompson.
26:00 Rapids- shot by #13 Schunk goes over the net.
35:00 Rapids- GOAL by #13 Schunk, assisted by #27 Kimura.
40:00 Rapids- yellow card given out to #34.
45:00 -Halftime - Score is 2-0 Rapids
50:00 Rapids- #33 takes a shot on goal but Griffith makes the save.
51:00 Rapids- GOAL by #27 Kimura, assisted by #16 Richardson.
52:00 Rapids- GOAL by Rapids guest player #34, assisted by #16 Richardson.
53:00 Rapids- foul committed right outside of the box.
53:00 Foxes- free kick on goal but Ceus makes the save.
58:00 Rapids- shot on goal with a header by #34. Follow up shot by #27 Kimura.
60:00 Rapids- shot taken by #27 Kimura, shot goes high.
60:00 Foxes- substitution #19 James King for #17 Julian Donaldson.
68:00 Rapids- shot on goal by #13 Schunk.
71:00 Rapids- foul by #35 Valentino.
73:00 Rapids- foul by #3.
74:00 Rapids- foul by #26 Holody.
78:00 Foxes- shot on goal by #6 Banghart.
83:00 Foxes- foul by #15 Zelin.
85:00 Foxes- GOAL by #16 Cephers.
86:00 Rapids- yellow card given to #28.
89:00 Rapids- GOAL by #13 Schunk.
90:00 -Match ended @ 3:30 MT- Final Score: Rapids 5, Foxes 1

Rapids, Foxes

Total Shots: 18, 5
Shots on Goal: 12, 4
Total Saves: 3, 7
Fouls: 8, 6
Offsides: 2, 0
Corner Kicks: 3, 4
Yellow Cards: 2, 0

Thanks to all the fans that attended. Your support through the heat meant a lot to both teams!


Guyer said...

"52:00 Rapids- GOAL by Rapids guest player #34, assisted by #16 Richardson."

Trialist or something more?

Bonji said...

Who are the guests?

john said...

I believe that the rapids were having some of the real team guest in on their side as well. It was actually a pretty cool game to watch..

B! said...

Formations? It looks as if Kimura was back in the midfield? True/false?

john said...

kimura was attacking mid on the right. amazingly fast up there and looked real good there imho

fossilmob said...

"50:00 Rapids- #33 takes a shot on goal but Griffith makes the save."

I am not 100% positive, but I believe #33 was former Rapid Daniel Wasson. Also, #3 was Ritchie Kotschau.

Kyle said...

Why is this and most of the other posts on here done by the marketing department and not the media relations department? It also seems guys like Wasson and Kotschau would be easily identified by Rapids staff.