Thursday, June 25, 2009

Casey Checks In From South Africa After "The Win"

Rapids striker Conor Casey took time to send fans a quick update from South Africa following the Americans' historic win over Spain in the Confederations Cup semifinals.

With Brazil's win over South Africa today, the Yanks have a daunting task in the final this Sunday, but as Casey says, are up for the task!

Here's Casey's comments from the US camp:

"Hey how's it going everyone back in Colorado!

Last night was really exciting. After our big win over Egypt, and the unexpected result from the Italy vs Brazil game, we felt like we had nothing to lose against Spain.

We came out with a lot of energy and were able to put them under some pressure in the first half.

In the second half, we defended extremely well, and we were able sustain their attacks.

To break Spain's 35-game win streak and advance to the final was really special.

Now we are just getting ready for Brazil, again! Everyone here is just excited, we know it's gonna be a tough game on Sunday. But just to let everyone know, we are ready.

Talk to you soon,"


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OracioG said...

Hey best of hope to you guys against brazil.Go out there and show em U.S is better than they think.Brazil may be favored by many people but brazil is just another team.They can be beaten and you guys have what it takes to do it. dont let their reputation kill your confidence, go out there and win!!!!!