Monday, June 15, 2009

Jamaican Heritage Nite Preview

This weekend we filmed the Inside the Game footage for our July 11th game against FC Dallas. That night is Jamaican Heritage Nite, so we went to the Ziggy Marley concert with Omar Cummings and Kosuke Kimura (side note: They are attached at the hip. Total BFF's, but that story is for another episode)

Luckily for us, Ziggy Marley caught wind of our Jamaican Nite and wanted to meet Omar! Knowing that Ziggy is a huge soccer fan, we decided to bring him his own Rapids jersey with his own name and number on it. He appreciated that and then offered to make a special video message for the Rapids fans on July 11th!

So Omar, Kosuke and our video crew headed up to gorgeous Red Rocks for the concert and to meet Ziggy! When we got there we were greeted by Ziggy's tour manager Janine (who was super helpful), and brought onto Ziggy's tour bus! Omar was so excited to meet one of his country's great exports, not to mention that Omar and Kosuke are HUGE fans!

Ziggy was incredible. He is really charming, funny, humble and has a great admiration for professional soccer players. Omar and Ziggy talked for 20 minutes about Jamaica, soccer, the altitude, life, the Rapids season, Omar playing for Jamaica more in the future, and more stuff that I couldn't quite understand. Their accents came out thick when they started getting comfortable. It was awesome to see!

After our time was up and Ziggy needed to get ready for the concert, he thanked us all for coming to visit and posed for the picture with the guys. We had to be careful with the flash due to the filming, so that is why it is a little blurry. You can watch the Inside the Game video footage at the July 11th Rapids game and the day after on the Undercurrent when we post the full video.

Seeing a professional athlete meet a superstar rock star is amazing. Both Ziggy and Omar were excited to meet someone from their island, and seemed like old friends after 10 minutes. Kosuke was just starstruck the whole time and really didn't say anything. It was pretty funny!

Look for the Inside the Game video pre-game on July 11th when the Rapids celebrate Jamaican Heritage Nite. And don't miss the special message from Ziggy as well right before kickoff!

Respect Mon!


B! said...

I have had a theory that those two were BFF's certainly since Kosuke's first goal. It is nice to have that rumor confirmed. Now what about this Noonan business?

7_Dani_18 said...

It would be nice if Jamaican Heritage Nite were to be moved...considering Omar won't even be there on the 11th. But that's just my opinion.