Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rapids Sightings About Town

Spotted last night on 16th St. Mall: Rapids midfielder Terry Cooke, along with Head Coach Gary Smith and Asst. Coach Steve Guppy, attending a private function with the British Consul and special guests at Denver's newest Irish Pub, Katie Mullen's, located at 16th and Court Streets downtown.

(Actually it's owned by a Northern Irishman, so thus it's technically OK to host a UK-themed function there)!

Cooke, Smith and Guppy were seen downing appetizers and mingling with VIP's invited by the British Consulate in a soiree designed to officially introduce the Rapids' English contingent to some of the key members of Colorado's significant British-American population.

Long time fans of the Rapids may recall the former Supreme Court, site of many a Rapids post-game party and season ticket holder event in the past; Katie Mullen's is located in this old space, and we must say, is a big improvement, and the Craic is excellent.


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Anonymous said...

That place Katie Mullen's is freaking awesome. Just stopped by to check it out yesterday. Nice interior. Four fully appointed bars, comfortable seating, lots of TVs. Well done.