Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rapids Marketing Photo Shoot Recap

Sorry for the delay in follow up from this event.....Monday was quite hectic with lots of other events going on!

Saturday was the Rapids' annual marketing photo shoot. This year for the first time ever we captured posed shots and video clips of not only all members of the first team, but also all members of the Rapids' youth teams, many of whom were quite nervous appearing in their first major marketing shoot.

The first team players had great things to say about the club's new kit design for 2009, both the new look and feel of the fabric. Check out defender Cory Gibbs giving you a sneak preview of a new special element added to the home jersey for this year (authentic jersey only, not replicas), pictured here for the first time ever.

Altitude Authentics reports they will start taking pre-orders for the new Rapids kit on March 1. Look for announcements soon on AltitudeAuthentics.com. The full kit designs will be unveiled at this time as well.

As for certain (ahem) other online stores promoting "buy your 2009 Rapids jersey now!", let's just say to fans "caveat emptor". The images they are depicting are NOT accurate representations of the '09 Rapids jerseys.



Bonji said...

5280 is a cool touch on the back. Nice.

Big Soccer Shop is already taking pre-orders. Altitude Authentics may want to move that March 1 date up to compete.

Jared said...

I really like the pin stripes, and the 5280. I hope there is a significant difference from last years jersey.

Anonymous said...

Definitely like the pinstripe look...and the 5280 is a very nice touch! Can't wait to get my jersey...this time I'm getting a custom one with my own name on it since I'll never get traded ;)

mcnally9205 said...

I hope it hasn't changed to much. I can't see buying a new jersey for myself and my daughter every two years. Maybe give a discount to season ticket holders???????

Todd said...

Soccer.com is also taking preorders already.