Friday, February 6, 2009

Marketing Photo Shoot Day

Update from the Rapids Marketing Dept: tomorrow is the club's annual marketing photo shoot day, where we take all the players and shoot them in the different variations of uniforms and poses to use for all our advertising and game entertainment elements throughout the year.

If past history is any example, it's also regrettably the day that many players like to show up with outlandish haircuts and full beards, that look radically out of place halfway through the season; let's hope everyone's got their "2009 look" that they are going with this year down by tomorrow morning.

This year the club will also be taking marketing pix not only of the first team, but also of the Rapids Youth Team players, so we can have professional images of all our players from top to bottom.

Want to get a sneak peek at the brand new 2009 Rapids kits? Check back here on Monday, after we've had the chance to take photos with bodies actually in them.......


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Guyer said...

Hey! wheres the new jersey shots due up today or are you having to photoshop Christian Gomez out of them all, since DC Uniteds blog is reporting he is back with them?