Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Special Guests Brethren Fast Postgame on Sat.

The Rapids have put together a special 2-part live concert performance lined up on Saturday as part of the club's postgame entertainment as a means to both:

1) provide some great free extra entertainment for fans already coming to the game
2) give fans a great reason to not fight traffic leaving the complex on Saturday after the event

Thousands of citizens from around Commerce City are expected to descend upon Quebec and the streets surrounding the stadium for Saturday's fireworks show......why not stick around in the stadium after the game, let the roads around the stadium clear out, and at the same time get some more bang for your buck with this free concert??

Scheduled to perform live in concert on a specially-constructed stage on the north end of the field are one of Colorado's favorite local hometown bands, "Brethren Fast".

They will perform both after the game to take us into the fireworks show, as well as perform the second half of their concert after the fireworks.

Why fight traffic? Let the Rapids and Brethren Fast entertain you after the fireworks after the game on Saturday!

Who are Brethren Fast? In their own words:

"Take the legendary, influential styles of Johnny Cash, Elvis, George Clinton & P-Funk, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, & Junior Brown...throw in some gear jammin', tire burnin', bootie shakin', wheelie poppin' fun & you know what you've got? The electrified 'hillbilly funk' of Brethren Fast!

"Over the years, each of the Messina brothers have developed their own styles by playing in different bands. About five years ago those styles hit a common chord when the 'brothers fast' decided to join forces. Combining Don's old school rockabilly influenced guitar licks with Mik's 70's funkified bass grooves wasn't easy at first; but with the addition of our rockin' skin man Nate, thousands of hours of playing, and hundreds of shows under their belts - the band has fused together to create their own unique style of music . . . Electrified Hillbilly Funk!"

Visit Brethren Fast online by clicking here.

Kick back on the field or in the Cantina and groove to Brethren Fast in this special 2-part concert on Saturday!

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Bonji said...

Hopefully the sound will be better on the field than it was for the Samples on the 4th. Make sure you sound check what it sounds like on the field.