Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Head Coach Gary Smith Comments on Roster Moves

The Colorado Rapids announced two roster moves today, as the club signed Scottish midfielder Jamie Smith and waived midfielder Terry Cooke.

Head Coach Gary Smith took time to share his views with The Rapids Undercurrent on today's transactions.

"I think it is always a difficult time when senior players move on and times change. I think we are looking towards the future with Jamie Smith, but that does not take anything away from what Terry has achieved with the club, how professional he has been and what a fan favorite he has been for a period of time."

"I do hope as we move on and that as success comes to the club that our fans can embrace the players that are going to be a part of their future helping them become as successful as we plan for them to be."

"Jamie Smith has been brought in predominantly as a wide player. He is versatile enough to play on both flanks as well as an attacking midfielder player."

"Jamie is a direct and quick player, who is hard working and energetic with a very descent amount of quality. What I do hope is we can fulfill a very similar role on the right hand side that we have on the left. I am sure it will take him a little time to adjust to the altitude and to the league and we are working extremely hard to make sure that happens as quickly as possible."


Brian said...

Terry Cooke was the single most talented player to play for the Colorado Rapids at least since Carlos Valderamma. He was a dedicated professional and a club man first and foremost. It is a shame that the club to which he gave so much dispensed with him in such a sudden and unprofessional manner. Godspeed Cookie, you will be greatly missed.

vegancatlady said...

I can't believe Cooke is gone- he is definitely one of my favorite players, the fans love him, and he's an amazing soccer player. This is a huge disappointment, following a series of disappointments each time he didn't start in recent and past games. Can someone please explain why we're getting rid of him and keeping other less-than-impressive midfielders?

Scott said...

I will miss Cooke very much and wish him all the best as he seeks a place to play. I do hope he finds a new home that will love him as much as the fans in Colorado seem to. As much as it hurts I am still a believer in the Gary Smith system and am glad to have him in Colorado. As hard as it is for me to say I do believe his comments in this blog are important, that as much as we love individual players that we love to club and all the moves that it makes in the best interest of the team.

OracioG said...

ofcourse it is sadwe lost a good player and may have got emotionaly atached to cookie but the club is in a proffesional world and the team had to make the move.he is 32 years old and was probably gonna retire so smith made the move to bring in another talented player. all in all hope the best to terry!

greathomeinsaddlerockridge said...

Terry Cooke, I hope you read this, and know that I concur with Brian's comments above, as I feel that as a professional, you were beyond reproach.

I have met Mr. Cooke, as has my son. The gift of having interactions with such a solid person and professional has made a big difference in my son's hopes and dreams of playing ball himself.

I for one will miss being able to have a chat after the match with one of the games best.

In closing, this roster move, as well as several others by the FO could have been handled much better.

Christ the King Catholic Church said...

Playing aside - and he always displayed a fair amount of skill, especially providing service - Terry Cooke was and is a class professional. There are other far more replaceable players (both in skill and in leadership) on this squad. I don't accept Smith's lame explanation of Cooke's release and I'm disgusted that this club has yet again proven itself to be without class, sound reason, or any semblance of a clue. We'll miss you, Cookie.

Anonymous said...

Once again I do not understand what the Rapids are doing. Gary Smith's explanation is lame at best. Terry Cooke is much better than many players on the team and is very much a fan favorite. Why did they not let someone else go. I have seen nothing lately that would indicate that the Rapids are moving in the right direction and this is just another indication. Wise up, Rapids, before you lose all your fan base.

Unknown said...

Terry Cooke was the best passer, crosser and free kick specialist the Rapids had. He had the best vision on the team as well. Who will now deliver the pinpoint crosses to Casey's head? Someone else from the roster should have made room. The Rapids loss will be some other teams gain.

Unknown said...

My excitement at Gary Smith becoming head coach last year has turned into doubt (and confusion)since he released Terry Cooke. Cooke was the most reliable player the Rapids had and the team's performance will no doubt suffer from his absence. I am throughly disgusted and disappointed.

Mr. Cooke, your fans will miss you and hope to see you play again.

Unknown said...

I was shocked on hearing the news that club dispensed such a great player Terry Cooke from their squad. I am a die heart fan of Terry Cooke. There must be some policitics behind this act.


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Unknown said...

I am really gone miss Terry cooke. It was terry Cooke who won matches for the club. And the same has done this to him, it's a shame for the club. Can anybody tell me the conspirancy behind this act?

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