Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rapids partner with Maximized Living Chiropractic

The Colorado Rapids are proud to announce their partnership with Maximized Living Chiropractic in an ongoing effort to increase the development of soccer and healthy living in Colorado. Maximized Living, a leader in chiropractic care for all age groups, offers a unique opportunity for both the Rapids and their developmental academy to increase overall wellness of all the athletes.

“Maximized Living Chiropractors have been an excellent partner to our organization. They’ve been a tremendous resource to our training staff, and helping our players get back, and rehabilitate any injuries they’ve had,” said Rapids Managing Director Jeff Plush. “But they have also been a great partner for our organization in the community. They are committed to the community, not only the first team players, but all the way down to our youth. We’ve really enjoyed this relationship, and look forward to many years to come.”

The development of Maximized Living Chiropractic’s Wellness Advisory Council, which works with high level and professional athletes, aims to maintain the growth and development of the athletes by reducing the number of injuries, increasing performance and output, and overall extending careers of the athletes.

Maximized Living Chiropractic will give the Rapids an increase in ability to perform at the high level of intensity throughout the season and give help with Colorado’s push towards the MLS Cup.

Maximized Living Chiropractic also advances the wellness of the Rapids Youth Academy both in soccer as well as other sports.

“In the last 12 months, Maximized Living Chiropractic through the Wellness Advisory Council has pioneered what we do for children, for athletes, for families to improve and maximize their help both physically, emotionally, and mentally both on and off the field,” said Dr. Joe Arvay, Chairman of Maximized Living Chiropractic’s Wellness Advisory Council.

“This commitment with Maximized Living Chiropractic shows how much the Colorado Rapids care about the community. The Rapids care about children, the little soccer players, not just the ones in the stadium on the field, but the ones all around the world. Maximized Living Chiropractic is partnering with the Colorado Rapids to create a safe environment for families to enjoy the sport of soccer around the world for many years,” Arvay added.

With the help of Maximized Living Chiropractic, the Rapids will be able to focus attention on the advancement of soccer in the region while providing high quality chiropractic to the Rapids team members and the developmental academy.

For more information about Maximized Living Chiropractic’s Wellness Advisory Council and their programs for athlete wellness, please visit