Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Mile High Trophy Up for Grabs by Denver Dynamite this Saturday

Jonesing for some live Colorado soccer action this weekend?

There's another big trophy at stake for Colorado soccer fans to be able to witness this Saturday, as a match for ownership of the Mile High Trophy kicks off this Saturday at the Denver Bladium.

What's the Mile High Trophy you may ask? A rivalry between the PASL-Pro’s two closest teams geographically, the Denver Dynamite and Colorado Lightning.

A donation from a fan who wished to remain anonymous raised the stakes considerably in the rivalry. From then on the winner of each game between the two teams took home the Mile High Trophy - a historic trophy that dates back to 1920s India. The trophy was originally a prize in hotly contested games between Indian locals and British soldiers. The trophy is unmarked because the intention was always for it to change hands after each victory.

For more info on the trophy and this Saturday's match-up, visit the Dynamite's Facebook page.

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