Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DSG Park Turf Crew Aerating the Pitch

With a 3-week window between Rapids home matches at Dick's Sporting Goods Park, the award-winning stadium turf crew are taking this opportunity to aerate the stadium pitch.

The turf crew has been hard at work starting the process of marking out drain spots and sprinkler heads and then actually aerating the field.

What does aerating the pitch do to benefit the Rapids, you may ask?

According to Bret Baird, head of turf operations at the complex, aerating the pitch will help soften up the field, increase oxygen into the root zone of the grass, and add thickness and density to the grass....all things that should help the Rapids players definitely see a noticeable change for the better in the next home game.

The aeration process will result in the stadium's award-winning field being in even better shape for the club's next home match vs. Houston on Sunday, Aug. 30.

Baird and his crew try to aerate the field twice per year, both in the first part of the season and then also later on in the year, and results are best with window of a few weeks to allow for regeneration before the field gets used again.

In Baird's own words: "Any time we do this, the turf just explodes. With this window of 3 weeks of dormancy, the field will look like a carpet for the Rapids' game on August 30."

Bring your cameras on Sunday, Aug. 30 to catch the Dick's Sporting Goods Park pitch in all its rejuvenated glory!

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